Tech Relics from the Past Still Sold in Stores

The world has become wireless, which has led many technological devices and gear along with tech gadgets to become largely redundant. Things that required different devices involving AA batteries can now be performed on a smartphone alone. However, some of the retailers are still selling some of the outdated gadgets which would actually be surprising for you. You are able to purchase these items at different stores such as Office Depot, Best Buy and WalMart. Look through the list that is compiled in this article and see if you can still find a use for these gadgets.


You are able to buy Per-minute Internet at WalMart which used to the way to connect to the Internet in the mid 1990s. While the Internet dialed through the use of telephone line, individuals had to listen to a robot screaming in torture for about 60 seconds before the Internet actually got connected. A long process, definitely which bothered people to the highest level.


For the gadget that allowed you to listen to music while on the go, Best Buy still stocks the AM/FM Radio Cassette Player which allowed you to listen to a limited amount of songs. Only an entire album could be listened to on this device, and if you want to reminisce old memories, then you should buy this device.


This was the cool device for the cool children. You could stuff it into your cargo pants and then listen to Britney Spears all day along, or perhaps NSYNC. You can buy this device at Best Buy.


Why should you buy a 64GB USB driven when you could buy 1.44MB of disk space through these floppy disks available at Office Depot at a price of $70 for a pack of 100 such devices. Imagine how difficult it was to carry data around before USB drives came into the picture!


If you want to clear up some virtual poop lying around, then Tamagotchis can be used bought at WalMart for a mere price of $18.


Many years have gone since the use of VHS tapes was common. Walmart still has these tapes, which have acquired a vintage touch. However, DVDs had quickly replaced these tapes.

You may be laughing yourself when you realize that you may have used this gadgets or that you had always wanted these when you were young. You may also be smiling about the fact that you could conduct computing through these simple devices. Imagine the innovation that human beings have done over the span of few years. There may, of course be many devices that you can still buy at some stores which have gotten outdated. The fact that floppy drives were our main source of carrying data around is quite laughable and to be truthful quite horrifying, as well! It’s easier to be in this decade.

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