Gaming with Murkin

Become a gamer with style by following these 10 simple guidelines. PLAY ON!!! READ ON!!! PLAYA!!!

1. Blend PvP with fashion

Get yourself some new clothes man. (Time to get out of the white tees) If you need to update your wardrobe, check out these site.

2. Better Check your Peripherals

What good are you if you don’t have the latest bad ass hardware. Checkout Razer if you wanna get that edge.

3. Communication playa

No, I’m not talking about Ventrilo. (But if I was and you don’t have it better get it you nub) Get a phone and keep it close to you. Today with cheap ass text messages, most of your gaming homies should have your number. Even if you don’t give your number out to fellow guildies, still keep it by your side. Social life is not a bad thing.. In most cases.

4. Get your drink on.

That is Red Bull and vodka my friend. After a few of these you should become a legend – careful though, to many of these and you could find yourself the main topic on the top message boards for your game.. You’ve been warned.

If you do not drink then that is fine. Here have a Sugar Free Red Bull.

For you ladies out there that can’t drink beer, better be investing in a blender.

5. Update the lighting or tone it down

Just one simple black light or lava lamp should do the trick.

Don’t even think about over doing it.

6. Get out of your mom’s basement

It’s not gonna kill you to work 8 hour days or a part time job. You got shit to pay for.

(Now if your in a tight spot with the recent economy, then this doesn’t apply to you. I’ll pray for ya)

7. I got your back

Really though, take care of your back. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re a hardcore gamer or a wannabe hardcore gamer. Either way you are spending a lot of time in that chair that you’re in now.

Be smart and invest in a really nice chair.

8. Music

Music is important. Music combined with #4 is the quickest way to get pumped up before a match.

9. Need more Fuel

Pizza, Taco Bell, KFC, Ramen, Chicken Noodle Soup, Pringles. Make sure you’re stocked up for the late night gaming session. If you can order pizza online for your area bookmark that site now!!!

Also with all this junk food. Find time to work out.

10. Transportation

Need that car to make trips to LAN Parties, Best Buy, or to drive cross country to meet that new gamer girlfriend that you just got, or whatever. Just make sure you got wheels. Four wheels that is.

If you have these ten things, not only are you a bad ass gamer but chances are you’re rocking the social life too. You got the booze, the food, a ride, swagger, a phone, and sweet gear.

Lets role-play with this.

It’s Friday, you just got off work around 5:30ish P.M. your buddies haven’t called you yet on what the plan is. Your kind of worried.

You get home, assuming that nothing is going to happen. You jump out of your work clothes into something more relaxed, such as some blue jeans and a graphic tee. You fix yourself a Red Bull and vodka. Pizza will show up in 45 minutes. You get a few rounds of gaming in. By the time pizza shows up your half buzzed from the few Red Bull and vodkas you had. You get a few slices down and a few more rounds in. At around 8:30 or so, your phone starts to ring. It’s your buddies. After discussing the game plan over with your buddies, you’re in your car headed to the nearest club.

End of the night, you still have some Red Bull and vodka, along with your leftover pizza. Dude you’re golden to get your game on some more before passing out.

gg, gl, hf

– Murk

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