FAQ – What Is A Good Business To Start – How To Start A Vending Machine Business – Carousel Marketing

Do I have to sell?
No. Just put the machines on location, refill, and collect the money. The confectionary industry has created a huge demand for their products, and you are taking advantage of that.

How much do I pay the business owner where my machine is located?
The business owner allows the machine in his establishment because it is a convenience to his employees and customers. Also, each Carousel is charity sponsored. We have chosen The Children’s Cancer Society to provide this service for you.

Is the Market saturated, and are there enough locations for me to expand?
Although you can see vending machines “everywhere”, there are between two and three million new small businesses starting each year. Over 80% of them will not support a large machine and are ideal for our machines.

Is there national advertising?
The confectionery industry spends millions of dollars each year in advertising, at no cost to you, to create an enormous demand for your products.

Where do I buy my snacks?
You can buy from our candy suppliers. This information is available to our clients only.

Should I use name brands?
There is no substitute for quality. Name brand snacks are household favorites nationwide. Because name brand snacks are household favorites nationwide, we recommend using only name brands rather than off brands and almost all of your customers will use your machine time and time again.

Is the machine 100% complete?
Yes, including operational manual, record and accounting forms.

How many candies does a machine hold?
Each holds 44 lbs. of mints, nuts, and candies. 11 lbs. in each compartment. This is important. Our research shows that a machine that holds less than this requires servicing too often and cuts into your profit, because it limits the total number of machines you can service.

Can my family service the machine?
Yes. Because of the ease of servicing the machine, many purchasers employ their teenage children.

How many machines can I service or put out?
As many as 300 or more. It depends on how much money you wish to make, and how much time you are willing to invest. Larger routes may include managing other people.

How much money can I make?
It all depends on the quality of your locations. The higher traffic the location has, the more sales you get.

Is the machine easy to assemble?
Yes – No tools are required. An easy to read operation manual is included with the simple directions for assembling your machine.

What do I do if I need parts or service?
The machine is a trouble-free machine and will require very little maintenance. However, if you ever do need assistance, just call your representative.

Do I need a truck or van?
No. Most people service their route from their existing vehicle.

Where are the vending machines placed?
Because of its attractive design, the machine can be placed in almost any business or office location. You can discuss a list of possible locations with your representative.

Do you need special skills or marketing techniques to operate these vending machines?
No. All you need is the desire to manage your own business. Just place the machines in the locations you have approved and return to refill the machines and collect your profits.

How long does it take to get started?
We can usually ship your machines to you within 14 days from the day we receive your first order.

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