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Remember the days when we were in awe of chatrooms; mixit and messenger when Social Media was just a whisper amongst a few technically advanced individuals. Then Facebook landed loud and proud and the world was abuzz; chatrooms and mixit were kicked to the curb and then… well that’s history.

From babies to grannies; from technical gurus to technically challenged – almost everyone has a Facebook account; love it or hate it you most likely have it. So now we ask:

What is your take on Facebook and how has it faired for you over the years? Are you still amazed at the brilliance or do you find the changes frustrating like we do. We haven’t given our Facebook page much love since starting The Blog Centre but decided to get on over there and give it some attention and that is when the frustrations of change really hit us. One admin could go in and “like” other pages as our Page, the other admin could not. This started last week (we think) and it was annoying and frustrating and mind boggling all rolled into one. It turns out and it could be because one admin is administrator to more than one page that the process of liking a page as your page has changed, but it can be done.

We thought we would share it here on our Blog in case someone else may be struggling like we were and also to ask the question – Has it happened to you and are you administrator to more than one page?

We have used our page in the example images, but if you were “liking” a page it would be the page you are “liking” and not your own page

4. A Screen opens asking you which page you want to use to Like the page you are “liking”. If you are admin to two or more pages they will be listed. Page 1; Page 2; Page 3

5. Select your page that you want to use to Like the page you are liking. In this instance, the Blog Centre will be liking Page XYZ.

6. Then go to settings at the top of the page, click on settings

7. Click On Featured

8. A list of pages you like will come up then click on “Edit featured likes”

9.Click on all the pages you want Featured on the side of your page. Only 5 will show up on the left-hand side of your page, but if you choose more than 5 or all your pages that you like; the five on your page will rotate

Incidently, if you are struggling to view your Page’s timeline, go to your Profile Picture (as in the first image) and just below; click on view Page Feeds – See Posts from other pages. If you want to like share or comment on a post from a page as your Page and not yourself. Click on the little arrow at the bottom on the right of the post you are liking and check on liking and commenting as page.

Well, we certainly hope this will help you if you have been struggling to like a Page as your Page and not yourself. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment’s section – Don’t Be Shy -Leave A Reply. If you would like us to like your Facebook Page, you are more than welcome to leave a comment with a link to your Facebook Page and we will like it. You can also like our facebook page and add posts to our page to be shared.

Yours in blogging

The Blog Centre Team


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