5 Ways to Find Great Blogging Ideas for Your Post

I think the second most difficult thing for bloggers is coming up with blogging ideas. Sometimes you might spend an hour just brainstorming a post idea. Or, you might just not want to write about the original topic you had planned for the day. This is where you might have to take a second to really figure out some new blogging ideas for your next article.


Finding good and trending blog content ideas is absolutely vital for you as a blogger. You must know what your readers want and you must be able to provide them with the quality information they are looking for. This is why you should follow the steps below in order to have more blogging ideas than you have time to blog about them.

This one is two-fold. First off, you should go over some of your old blog posts and update them with new content. I find that certain things I write about end up being out of date within a year so it is important for me to update that information.

Second, old blog posts can give you good amount of inspiration if you can use them properly. Read your old blog posts and find the nuggets that you haven’t quite covered in your blog yet. You might find some new and unique things to write about when you read your old blog posts. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to take a look at your old blog posts and start finding those nuggets that you should write for your next post.

You should have some way of gauging the topics of interest for your website visitors. If you run an internet marketing blog, you might find that your ‘products review’ section does not get nearly as many visitors as your ‘SEO’ section. Therefore, you should stick to SEO more than the product reviews because that is the topic that appeals to your visitors. Look at your articles that have the most views and focus on why that article is successful, and then repeat the process.


Sometimes your readers can leave good comments that will make your blog better. You should not neglect their comments. In most occasions, your readers will even suggest you to write about something that you have not write about in your blog. This is a valuable suggestion as far as your blog is concerned. Furthermore, if you don’t have any better idea to write in your blog, why don’t you listen to the suggestion of your reader? Sometimes something as simple as a question could end up being a new blog post.

Browse some blogs within the same niche as yours and find some ideas to write for your next post. Other bloggers might write something interesting that will blow your mind. You will find many rare ideas from other blogs within your niche if you can seriously take a look at them. A good place to start is to see their most popular posts.

I am not telling you to plagiarize here by any means. Instead, you might find an interesting article and you should bookmark it or save it for future reference. Eventually, your research will give you a blog topic idea, I guarantee it.

Do you want to turn a blog post into several blog posts? Then create a list post for your next blog post. It can be about anything that comes to your mind. Once you have created a list post for your blog, you can expand each point and create several other blog posts. This will save you a lot of time to find ideas for your blog.

On my blog, I have a post that is called ’25 Ways to Make Money Online.’ With that, I am able to write 25 more articles about each way so I can actually go into the details of it. Just think of any list post you might have and take one step and really break it down.

Another good method to fill your head with good amount of inspiration for your blog is to grab a local magazine in your niche and do a quick read on it. From a single magazine, you might be able to extract about 10 or more ideas for your blog post. Convenient, is it not?

If you cannot really find a ‘magazine’ related to your niche, then buy an eBook. If you are in the Internet marketing niche you can go to the Warrior Forum and buy multiple products for less than $20. Once you go through the products, you will have a wealth of new knowledge. The main thing to remember is that research, understanding, and overall knowledge of your niche will leave you with more blog ideas then you could ever write about.

Those are 5 ways that you can follow in order to find great blogging ideas for your blog post. Using the methods above, you will be able to keep your blog flowing with new, original, and interesting posts that people want to keep reading.


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