5 Tips on How to Rank YouTube Videos

In this video I cover 5 tips on how to rank YouTube videos that will put you ahead of the competition. These are 5 tips that I just received from a 6-figure mentor whose main strategy is YouTube video marketing.

I like doing videos, it doesn’t really bother me to get in front of a camera, however, video marketing isn’t my main strategy, blogging is. Since I will be adding these tips to my video marketing not only will I be able to rank better on YouTube but it will also allow me to rank my blog posts even faster… Win Win!!

So let’s begin.


1. Name your file — What you will want to do is name your file the keyword that you are trying to rank for. For example, my keyword is “how to rank youtube videos” I would then save the video file name exactly that, my keyword, and then upload it into YouTube.

2. Closed caption file — Any time that you upload a video into YouTube you want to make sure that you include a description along with your video. By including your keyword into your description you have a much better chance at having YouTube rank your video for that particular keyword because they know what your video is all about. This is exactly where I use to stop. But now you want to copy your description and past it onto a notepad, and then upload it as a closed caption file for your video. The closed caption is for the ‘hearing impaired’ and YouTube seems to appreciate it when people go the extra step to do this.

3. Add annotations — Adding annotations is very simple to do. It allows you to show text when your video is playing. Whether is comes on at the beginning of your video, the end, stays on for just a couple of seconds or remains on throughout the entire video, the point here is that you should be using annotations that include your keyword.

4. Speak it — Now this sounds really obvious but when you are recording your video you actually need to speak your keyword. You will want to use it to tell people at the beginning of the video so that they know what to expect, and make sure to say it throughout your video as well. From what I’ve been told, YouTube can hear you speak your keyword. So make sure to say it at the beginning and throughout your video so that YouTube better understands what you are covering.

5. HD — Any time that you upload a video into YouTube you will want to make sure that you upload it in HD. Check the settings on your webcam, there should be an option for recording it in a higher definition. If your webcam doesn’t allow for this for some reason what you can do is take the video you just recorded and open it with ‘movie maker’. Then all you do is go to file, save as, and then save as high definition. It will convert your video to an HD format. That’s it!!

Hopefully you’ve gotten some value out of my 5 tips on how to rank YouTube videos from either watching my video or reading my post.

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