5 Components Of A Blog

How can we compose a blog? Amateur bloggers most likely are to ask this question. I remember putting up my first blog and wondering how to fill up all the empty spaces.
If you’ve read some blogs, you may have ideas of its usual content. But blogs have no comparison so expect them to be different from the others. If you aim to join the blogging industry, I then suggest these 5 basic elements:
1. Title- Situated at the uppermost portion of the article, the title is the one that initially captures the audience. It frequently includes a slogan or a message representing the article’s heading.  Since this is the first thing that is seen in your article, better think of something that may effectively represent your write-up. The heading gives certainty that the guest is on the exact website. It’s a constant part in a website which can further generate traffic  when connected back to the blogger’s homepage.
2. Content- The bulk of a blog site is dedicated for content. It’s the life of any blog. In fact, a blog may be able to survive (in rare occasions) with just that. All the things that a blogger wants to convey goes into blog posts which are posted from time to time. It is mostly a constant update of messages, photos, videos, and what not to do’s. New blog posts are the things that readers look into. Since bloggers are identified to present trendy updates, it’s vital to maintain that notion.
3. Navigation area-  For visitors to  gain access to the various pages of your blog, a routing link is required It is usual to see sidebar navigation, but other bloggers are innovative and situate the navigation links in other places, like under the title or at the bottom page. It would be a lot easy to find archived blog posts or sort out articles by means of navigational links.
4. About me- This page is intended for the writer. An article regarding the blog and author’s history is found in the “Meet The Author’ page. It doesn’t have to be an autobiography; just a few sentences would suffice. Some bloggers present it in FAQ (frequently asked questions) style, others prefer the traditional essay write-up. Contact information may also be added on this page so that readers, including advertisers, can reach you.
5. Comments – A blog is very interesting if each opinion can be heard. The common interaction field of a blogger and a reader happens in the remarks section of a blog site. Ideas are exchanged and developed through digital discourse. A blogger can also be overjoyed when readers give positive comments and adore his articles. Popular blog posts are usually what’s most talked about.
Not all blogs are created the same way, but if there’s something that would glue them all together, it would be these 5 components. These parts of a blog help in keeping its contents organized. And a blog that’s more pleasing to the viewer is surely bound to get more hits.
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