3 Free Traffic Generators

You should also include the standard social media, sphinn and stumbleupon are great for getting traffic, and easier than article writing or blogging. The traffic is not as targeted as we would like, but better than nothing. 5 good visits out of 100 people from stumble is better than 0 out of a million.

Actually, let’s back up a bit. If you want free traffic, you create a blog. Write posts on your subject that are at least 250 words long. Try writing posts so that they are in a series of 5 or more posts.

Find other blogs that are close to your target audience and comment there, linking back to your own site. Each time you comment, click that little thumbs-up from stumble upon and if you are the first to hit the site write the past name as a description and include it in the correct category. Include as a part comment of your comment that you stumbled the post. This will give the blog owner reason to visit your site and hopefully pay you back with a stumble. I, for example, stumbled this post before finishing my (horribly long) comment.

About a week after posting your blog entry or series, submit each post as an article. Either 1) just submit to ezinearticles – the best place for articles on the net 2)submit to multiple article directories 3) use article submission software. All 3 cases you have at least an author bio box that points back to you.

Form (or join) a social media group. Having a dozen or more people in a list that you can share your links with means that other people can regularly submit your blog posts to the different social media. Better yet, join at least 2. Give yourself the largest support group possible.

I have an account in just about every major social media site (114 different sites, I just counted). Every time someone asks that I do a social media thing for them, I do. I also have no problem asking for return favors. I have one login “richmcl” an email alias from a company I no longer work for. When I started using it I searched Google and it was on the internet a dozen times. Today Google shows 17,600 results. Make an unusual login that you can track. Great for proof, like in this comment.

Join forums is spot on, but join more than one. Link to your blog and to your articles in different article directories. Forums are also a great place to meet people that will start a social media group with you.

As often as you logically can, make a post about the top 100 of something related to your market. Here is a site that took the AdAge top 100 blog list and made a list of the top 110 European blogs on Marketing and Sales. No surprise, the blog where it is posted is also one the list. People love to be called out for being great at something and I am sure this list has been referenced by nearly everyone on the list (Hey! Look at me, someone thinks I’m great!)

Low end, use entrecard. This also takes a bit of time, but not much. There are sites (http://cheapkeywords.info/ec.html) that have ways to ‘drop’ your entrecard quickly. The dropping is not important – getting on the drop-list is important. Search people that make these lists and follow whatever small requirements they have and you will be getting a lot of traffic. Entrecard is like stumbleupon, not every targeted traffic.

Last, don’t submit your own site to too many social media sites, have others do it. I have 2 IP addresses so I can use one as a posting address and one as a submitting address, but it is better to always ask someone in your social media group to submit for you.

want to form a social media group with me? mail that alias I listed at live.com and we can start a new group today.

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