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How then does one keep their job?

1. Understand the scope of your job and the expectations – a job title sometimes does not communicate in total what you are responsible for you. Always insist on getting a job specification in writing. If expectations are reduced to ink, then you are better able to achieve them than when they are hazy. Be a master of your own discipline by asking for this kind of valuable information.

2. Adhere to set code of conduct – Every organization should have a set code of conduct which details how employees dress, what is done to them if they don’t come to work on time and so on. A code of conduct governs your behavior in the work place.

3. Know when you are in or under authority – May people fail to realize that with each job comes authority. They however fail to realize how far their authority goes. At any given time you are either in charge or you are submitting to someone else. You are not always in charge.

4. Be honest and transparent – Honesty is one lacking attribute that causes people to lose jobs. I can recount that I dismissed people who were very excellent in the work, very productive indeed but they violated honesty. They started cheating, bribing and performing shortcuts in business.

5. Have the correct attitudes – People lose job because they develop attitudes that are sour. Grumpy, complaining, frowning employees rarely keep their jobs. I wonder how some people who cannot smile end up in with customer services position where they handle client queries.

6. Performance and results – This is related to one’s ability to do the work and deliver results. You are not employed for anything else other than achievement of results. Results can be measured in volume, quantities, quality, revenue, efficiencies and so on.

7. Work with the team – Team players keep their jobs. Your ability to influence others to perform of achieve can even cover up for your weaknesses. If you play it alone, you will soon be exposed and found wanting.

8. Be loyal to your brand and business – Loyalty means you are sold out to the business or product you are trading in. I am appalled by people who trade in a specific type of car and yet driving another type of car. Just ask yourself what you will be communicating. People have lost trust as their loyalty got to the test hence jobs were lost in the process.

9. Keep confidence – People play with confidential information and get sacked instantly. A piece of information in the wrong hands can bring a business down. Jobs such as payroll administrator etc call for someone who has integrity of heart and one who does not unnecessarily volunteer information they have access to.

10. Be willing to be corrected and keep learning – This is tied closely to attitude. An employee who does not learn from mistakes is not necessary. In the workplace, it is guarantee that you will not always know everything that you do. People will not sharpen you if you refuse to be corrected or you easily take offense. A worker who learns from mistakes usually keeps their job longer.

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