10 Questions with Samantha House!

We’re incredibly excited to be the exclusive boutique that Samantha House chose to preview her new collection, PLAY . Full of color, bold and chunky designs, mixed materials, (and a lot of statement necklaces), each of her subsequent collections gets more gorgeous than the last. I am in love with most of these necklaces (OK, maybe ALL), and I think you will covet one of the pieces (which includes a couple rings and her first designed pair of earrings too) from PLAY as well.

Mel: When designing your Play collection, was any consideration given to Pantone’s “colors for the season” or are you inspired in other ways?
Samantha: I really don’t plan out the color scheme for a collection. It’s a more organic process. I start with a color that I like, then it just all develops from there. This season I’m obsessed with color, but I know the trend is going to be colorful clothing, so I have more muted pieces that will work with them as well.

Mel: Since this collection seems to be all about color, what is your favorite color — for both your personal style and in designing jewelry?
Samantha: I really love yellow right now. Something about it just sings to me. Paired with Citrine quartz or silver — it’s beautiful!

Mel: What are your favorite materials to work with?
Samantha: I like large stones, so I use a lot of agate. You can get it in huge chunks and it’s really colorful. I also love quartz because it’s so sparkly. What girl doesn’t love sparkle?

Mel: I’ve read recently online you saying that each most recent collection is your favorite… how do the comprehensive pieces of Play differ (or compare) to your previous collections?
Samantha: There are always pieces that I will love forever, but there’s something exciting about a new collection. This is my most colorful, and I think my most daring collection.

Mel: Tell me about your personal style (or if you have a style mantra) and how that has an effect on the jewelry pieces you create?
Samanths: I always say that I don’t design for myself, but it’s surprising what I end up wearing. I am a fan of one big statement piece.

Mel: You seem to have a certain love for necklaces — are they your favorite jewelry piece to wear and/or design? What are your “rules” for accessorizing?
Samantha: I really do like necklaces the most. I think there’s nothing sexier or more feminine than a chunky necklace. Lately, I’ve been getting more into big rings and bold bracelets though. In my PLAY collection, I finally launched a pair of earrings. I believe that if I’m going to create something, it should be truly special.

Mel: How would you describe your jewelry to someone who is unfamiliar with your pieces and/or style?
Samantha: I think it’s bold and individual. I love that someone has their favorite pieces and the person standing next to them loves an entirely different piece. I, still to this day, can’t predict which pieces it’ll be. I can’t even pick the pieces that a close friend will love. It always surprises me.

Mel: Tough question, I’m sure, but what is YOUR favorite piece in the Play collection — and why?
Samantha: Surprisingly, it’s not that tough. I LOVE the Gina Necklace  the most. I think it’s so unique and fun.

Mel: Why the special preview and collaboration with Spoil Me Fashion (as opposed to your own site or another boutique)?
Samantha: It truly comes down to the owner, Karen. I adore her, and I love what she’s doing with her site. She’s the “new kid on the block,” but I really believe in her and her product.

Mel: What new, exciting or interesting things are on the horizon for you and Samantha House jewelry?
Samantha: I’m currently collaborating with a well-known apparel designer to create a line of jewelry. It’s a bit hush-hush, but I’m super excited about it. I’m also working on a bridal line; I’ve gotten so many requests for it, and I love the direction it’s taking!

Thanks again to Samantha House for taking the time to answer a few questions about her designs and her new PLAY collection. From today through March 9, anything purchased from her new line is available at a 20% discount too! Use code PLAY20 at your checkout.

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