10 Ideas For What To Blog About

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Often times I’m stuck with what to blog about about but lately it seems like if I just pay more attention to what is going on around me, there is actually too many ideas and not enough time to write all these posts…so today I thought I’d share a few of the ways I get inspired with topics to blog about.

#1 – Comments from my own blog. So many times people ask questions or share ideas that I hadn’t thought of or overlooked. These are sometimes the best posts because many of them end up as “How to’s” which seem to be very popular. BTW…you can get many more “How To’s” about blogging, network marketing and online marketing from my Sweet Leads Training [http://web.archive.org/web/20100719115028/http://networkmarketingsweetie.com/cp-sweet-leads.htm].

#2 – Subscriber questions in response to my emails and/or training materials. After people read my emails or go through my training, many questions come up. These are again great “How To’s”.

#3 – Whatever training I’m currently going through. Personally I take a lot of training (and I mean A LOT) in a number of different areas. So as I learn, I implement, then share…in mini bite sized pieces of course

#4 – Sites like Mashable.com, AllTop.com, TopOneReport.com, MLMUrls.com and what some other bloggers in our industry are blogging about. Sometimes I’ll read someone else post and then go blog about the same idea except I put my own spin and resources into it so it’s unique. But I get the original idea from another blogger.

#5 – What I’m working on. Whether it’s split testing, Facebook marketing or Twitter…whatever I’m implementing at the time is a good, timely topic to blog about. A great idea to actually encourage participation on you blog is when you’re implementing something and you’re stuck. You could ask your network for feedback or help. This can really help to get those comments rolling in.

#6 – The News. I barely watch TV or listen to the radio, but when there’s a big enough story, you’re bound to hear about it from someone..Or feel it. (I felt the Toronto earthquake a couple weeks ago…couldn’t help but look that up in the news…not that I’ve blogged about it, but I’m sure I could find a story or a lesson to be learned in there somewhere.

#7 – What your reading. I read. A lot. I hope you do too. If you’re in this industry of network marketing or even if you’re a traditional business owner, you always need to be educating yourself. And reading is a great way to do that. It’s also a great thing to share. Lessons from books you read. Crop ‘em up and spit em out in, again, “mini bite sized pieces”.

#8 – Family & Friends. What’s going on with them. Use their experiences to learn and share a lesson or inspiration. Look for lessons in the smallest of actions. IE: I made cup cakes the other day and I didn’t want to use any sugar or butter. I’m not vegan but I’ve drastically reduced my intake of animal products. I found a recipe, and they are delicious. So if you want to do something bad enough, you’ll find a way.

#9 – New Tools, Gidgets, Gadgets, Trinkets and Tokens. I am constantly stumbling across different sites or tools that are ingenious and will help other entrepreneurs. Just the other day I discovered HARO and shared it with my business women community

#10 – Self talk. Do you ever talk yourself in OR out of something? Catch yourself…and share your experience. What did you learn? What will you do next time? How did you handle it? Lessons that come from our direct experience are sometimes the most powerful and easy to write. (like this post…was easy cause I just ripped it off the top of my head). I hope you got some good value from this.

So there is no lack of inspiration and ideas for what to blog about, you just have to “seize the moment” as the graphic above says The more you do it, the easier it becomes and soon you’ll have so many ideas and no enough time to blog about them all. Keep a notebook with you at all times and jot down your ideas…or pop ‘em into your phone notepad.

What other blog inspiration ideas do you have? How do you come up with ideas to blog about?


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